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Crack Sealing

So if you have noticed small cracks emerging on your asphalt parking lot lately, it may be a sign you are in need of a professional crack sealing job. At Allen’s we fix cracks on your parking lot and seal them to prevent the penetration of water, sunlight, and oils (your asphalt’s greatest enemies). Asphalt crack seal covers the cracked area’s surface, preventing water from seeping into the base of your valuable asphalt pavement.

If water enters the base, it causes the base to move and shift, which will, in turn, crack and chip the surface. The damage worsens during winters with the local freeze-thaw cycle. In short, you cannot turn a blind eye to cracks in your parking lot. Contact  today to rid your commercial lot of cracks of all sizes.

Crack sealing is by far the most cost-effective surface maintenance solution and the best ROI step in preserving your asphalt asset by preventing harmful elements from reaching the base of the asphalt, thereby compromising its structural integrity. This is a fact; cracks on a parking lot never go unnoticed and are one of the first signs of asphalt failure. They become eyesores for your customers and also lead to ongoing pavement deterioration.