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Sealcoating a parking lot extends your commercial pavement’s lifespan and maintains its beautiful, blacktop appearance. Applying a deep, black pavement sealer reduces the penetration of water, oils, chemicals, and UV rays (your asphalt’s worst enemies) to the sub-base. This procedure is an essential part of parking lot maintenance and is necessary to protect your asphalt investment. Allen’s Lot Maintenance provides high-quality sealcoating services. Contact us for a free quote today’.
Our premium pavement sealers that meet all local restrictions and beautifully coat your paved surfaces while protecting your parking lot’s surface against harmful elements. Our premium pavement sealer is mixed with additives, water, and sand as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. The water ensures that the sealer doesn’t dry too quickly (especially in the hotter months), while the additives assist with curing and preserving the blacktop appearance of your parking lot. Moreover, the sand increases traction for pedestrians, enhancing safety on your lot.
Seal Coat
Our crews use a spray wand to apply pavement sealer evenly at approx. 6-7 gallons/minute. We apply two coats, with almost an hour of drying time in between. For smaller surfaces, we brush a single coat of sealer. Depending on the square footage, we can sealcoat a parking lot in a day, after which you should allow a curing time of at least 24 hours. In short, sealcoating is a quick and cost-effective method of renewing your pavement surfaces. Call us today for an estimate.